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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Casual Disciple to Valiant Servant

I heard a story about a young man that tried to be obedientin everything he was told to do. Not just from leaders of the church but also the guidance of the Holy Ghost. I reflected on how I try to be obedient but how often do I not follow the promptings I may have. What limits do I personally put on my obedience? Elder Maxwell talked about casual discipleship and how do we let it permeate our lives. Are we sufficiently humble in our worship and our actions? In what ways do we allow our discipleship falter because we are not valiant in how we should live?

I know for me I have not been as good with my personal prayers or my scripture reading. Can I improve on that? Some of the ways that we need to consider in evaluating our discipleship are in how we dress. A while ago on APoF,there was a thread on the trends in dress at church. It was a valuable discussion on our personal attitude in looking around at others, but dowe look at ourselves with the same critical eye? The issue is not what others are wearing but rather am I wearing the best I can because I can afford it and have access to the proper clothing. Means should not be the determining factor of how we dress but what the state of our heart is at the time. Are we dressing to appear greater than others around us? Ithink that would also qualify as not being in that right frame of discipleship. Does the clothing cover our garments sufficiently and is it not form fitting, or too tight. Do we push theline of modesty because we justify that garments are covered, when it may not be appropriate in how it fits? For men, do they fight the wearing of white shirts and ties, because they either think it is not cool, or that somehow they think the example and request to wear white is silly and dumb?
I know that my son left for church today in a bad mood, hair uncombed, shirt dirty, white socks on, and grumbling that he didnthave time to fix it because he was to be at the church at 8am. My husband let him go because he was busy with two sick babies while I was getting ready. As soon as I heard this, I got in the van and went and picked my son up. I took him back home and I talked to him about who he is representing as a deacon, and he was not ready to minister in the ordinances with how he looked and the attitude he had as he left the house. I made him come home, comb his hair, change his socks, fix his shirt the best he could, and apologize to his dad about his attitude as he left the house. We both stressed the importance of acting and dressing the part he was playing and changing what was inside him. I think it was a great learning experience for all of us. No tempers were lost, it was done in love, and coincidently the Bishops message was on casual discipleship.

I would suggest that casual discipleship is one of the problems in the church today. , that we do things because it is easy and by the same token we dont do things because it is silly, or the leadership of the church just doesnt understand.

So how do we change our hearts to become valiant disciples and leave the path of the casual disciple behind? We have to become sufficiently humble before God. We need to be willing to change the attitude of our hearts. I would suggest two things to do in this effort, given to my ward by our bishop.

1. Find the worst thing you are doing and stop doing it, now, today.
2. Add an extra personal prayer in your life and do it on your knees.

By doing those two things you can prepare your heart to become that faithful, valiant disciple. Remember this is something for you to do, not something to tell your spouse, or your child, or your neighbor, it is your growth that is important here.

For me I know I dont pray enough, I have to start that right now, change my thinking and thoughts and turn to the Lord and really talk to him. I have to think about what the worst thing Im doing, not because I dont have any faults, but because I have so many Im not sure what is my worst fault. Take on this challenge. I dare you!!!!!!

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