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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Most inspiring Films

AFI will be showing their picks for the 100 most inspiring films of all time. I thought it would be fun to get your opinions and picks. Give the reason why you enjoy the films and why you find them inspiring.

My picks:

1. Apollo 13- I just finished listening to Ron Howards commentary on the making of the film. It is so wonderful to hear all the work and research and effort that when into making this film as realistic as possible. Even with what little literary licence he took it was to maintain what he felt would be the integrity of what happened. I find this movie to be a fantastic example of what men can do when they absolutely work together to obtain a goal.

2. The Sound of Music- As above it is beautiful to see a family work together to obtain freedom and preserve their integrity in a time of world crisis.

3. The Magnificent Seven- I like how it shows mercenaries becoming a part of a town to help the villagers defend their homes and their families at all cost. Even to the sacrificing their own lives.

4. Ben Hur- The development of his character from peace loving, to revengeful, back to a peace loving man. It is a beautifully done movie, one that never ceases to touch me when I view it at home.

5. The Other Side of Heaven- I have enjoyed this film as I become a witness to Elder Grobergs growth and love for the Tongan people when he served his mission. I like the teaching of faith in God and how when serving the Lord by serving others all will be well no matter the outcome.

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