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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Is there prejudice in the Bloggernacle?

A while ago I had written about feeling some what left out and wondering where I belong in the world. Part of that came from applying for membership to a web ring and was refused because of it being closed to women that belonged to a message board that closed its membership to those already involved. I felt somewhat hurt because this was not completely identified on the web ring site. (It did claim membership only to those on the message board, but no link to the message board, and no claim that the membership on that board was limited.)

My sister Noelie had a thread on the power that be and anonymity on the web thatcan create a haven for those that want to exercise power and influence others on what to read and what not to read on a fan force board for star wars. They have the ability to ban those that speak up for the injustice in how things are done there with out taking any responsibility for their own actions, choices, and words because it can all be done behind the screen without anyone else knowing what is going on.

Today Jetboy at the Straight and Narrow blog, discusses his own frustrations with dealing with the bloggernacle, particularily the big blogs in ignoring his request to be listed on their site. This is not a new complaint as I have seen this many times in my wandering through the many LDS blogs out there. Mostly I had seen the complaints by women thus fuellingmy attempt to create a blog roll at Calling all LDS Women Bloggers.

My question is this with the bloggernacle, why does liberal voice, in what is generally considered a conservative tool, have such a pull on the LDS Blogs? Just about everywhere you go in the big blogs do you see threads that do not support the First Presidency, that vilify Joseph Smith over the polygamy issue, bash the priesthood and church because women do not hold it, and then proceedto attack those that come to the defense of the conservative view point. Rarely do I see true freedom of speech in these blogs. They yell and whine and complain about a BYU professor not getting his contract renewed (much different in my book from being fired), and yet in the same moment want to hush the voice of those calling for reason and faith in our leaders.

How can I support more of the conservative blogs, with a voice that I like? I pretty much avoid those that I find offensive and off the mark, but what can I do to encourage underrated and under visited blogs like Noelie's and Jetboy's. I would dare say that my sisters blog is one of the most underrated blogs in the bloggernacle.

We need to be will to stand up for the truth, and support each other, visit each other, and encourage others to visit. I would suggest a start at these three conservative voice blogs, and let's support one another in our efforts in this blogging world.

Speak Up For the Truth
Refugees Of the War in Heaven
Straight and Narrow Blog

I enjoy comments and I would like to learn how to garner more discussion and openess here.

(I will also say that I have seen much the same with the ultraconservative voice. I read one a while ago that essential condems me and anyone else that uses any type of birth control as sinning because they believe the lies that the pill and IUD's cause abortion. They say that we are committingmurder and will need to repent of this evil. It is very sad on the opposite end of the spectrum.)

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