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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Happy Anniversary

18 years ago
You placed your hand in mine
Together we made a covenant
That extends beyond time.
A Covenant with God,
To obey his law
and honor him in all we do.
Sealed together
Hearts as one.
Life with you
barely begun.
I love you my Michael,
If you have any doubt,
Look once again.
D&C 78 tells the tale.
My life has been blessed
to be in your life.
holding your hand
going forward not back.
Eternally yours,
Your Wife.

I was also tagged by Snobaybe to tell 8 things I would find in the ideal mate. Well since I think I have my ideal mate, I will tell you the 8 things that I admire about him.
1. Perhaps the most silly, but it was one of the first things that impressed me, he said my name correctly the first time he said it. You have to understand that my name is always pronounced incorrectly, it is TAN-YA, not Tawn-ya, or Ton-ya, just Tan, like what you do if in the sun too long. When he said it right I about fell off my chair, that never, ever happens!

2. I started to fall in love with him the first time he shared his testimony. He loves God and the Gospel with all his heart.

3. He is gentle

4. He is very Patient.

5. He loves to serve, and always faithfully works at his callings. From Hometeaching to being in leadership positions he has done what he needs to do, as soon as he can.

6. He honors his parents.

7. He loves his children. He is a wonderful father, he plays with them, teaches them, and listens to them better than I do. He is also not afraid to change diapers!

8. He loves to laugh, he knows that I can be scatterbrained, so he just goes with the flow!

IT is hard to stop at eight, but there you go. Some of the best things I can think of in a perfect Mate.

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