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Monday, June 12, 2006

For scrapbooking and card makers

Wow, I went to visit my mother yesterday and she showed me her newest scrapbooking baby! Oh my, talk about something fun. She got the new cricut machine and talk about making things easy. It is a portable computer that will cut letters and shapes. IT makes me drool just thinking about it. IT is a good thing she has it so I can use it. We cut out a few things for my scrapbooks last night. I can't say enough about it. Oh yes pricey but talk about a good investment for people that spend time working on their memories. It cuts the time so far down it is amazing. You don't have to swap out dies to make your words.
She has these cartriges to go with it.
George and basic
She has one other called doodle shapes. She bought it off of QVC! I have to say I love my mother. When I first introduced the scrabooking concept to her by having a creative memories party, I didn't know I was going to create a scrabooking monster. :)

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