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Friday, May 12, 2006

What happened to MI 3?

I was listening to KSL Radio's movie show and they were talking about the disappointing week that MI 3 had. They talked to a theater manager that would go in to different screenings to see who was there and he said it was mostly men. So why are women not going to see this Tom Cruise movie when it is supposed to be the best of the three MI films? HUMMM, as they said on the movie show, "Keep Tom's mouth shut". If there is anything these men have learned it is to not put women down when it comes to pregnancy, labor and delivery and postpartum issues. Next time maybe Mr. Cruise will learn that women do not like being told that things are in their heads and it just takes vitamins and diet to fix the problem. Help his newest interest and hope she doesn't suffer from postpartum depression, but then again, what would he do? Go out and shoot her like he said would be an option? I surely hope not!

On my PPD note, I'm starting to feel more like myself. The past few days I have felt some sun in my life. It seems like I have been in the shadows of darkness for awhile that I'm so afraid that this is only temporary. For the moment I'm grateful for the change in my temperament.

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