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Monday, May 01, 2006

Spend, Spend, Spend

My sister sent this to me because she knows we both have issues with illegal alliens and their excuses for living in this country with out the proper documentation, when we had a father that had to jump through hoops to live here with his family. (His wife being a citizen and one child born here on a vacation.) Immigration needs to be done legally!

SPEND, SPEND, SPEND!!! As you may know, on May 1st, a large nationwide boycott is being planned by Mexicans both legal and illegal; plus those sympathetic to their cause. The plan is to not work, to not go to school, to not purchase from U.S. businesses to show the financial loss to the U.S. economy, thus showing the "power" these several million have to Congress and our government. It is the purpose of this E-mail to rally America to negate these proposed "losses" by doing all of our purchases on that day, May 1st. Go to work, go to school, and hire LEGAL U.S. citizens to do the work these protesters would have done. So, put off buying gas, food, and any purchases or hired workers until May 1st if at all possible. Do your own lawn, sweep your own driveway, wash your own dishes, clean your own house or business, or hire a legal American citizen to do it. It's time for America to wake up and send a message of our own to those who think they have the power to change our country to suit their needs and wants. Majority rules, and makes the rules. We just want the rules followed...by everyone! It's time again for the "Silent Majority" to be silent no longer. NEGATE THE BOYCOTT ON MAY 1, 2006!!!

I did my part today by doing some grocery shopping. I hope everyone else treated that day as a typical day and not some major day off.


Noelie said...

It wasn't just dad, it was your siblings too!

We, the children of an American citezen and it looks worrisome for a while that they would allow us all to come together!

cydney said...

I so agree. We helped clean our church a year ago. We shared it with the spanish branch. When it was their month to clean they never did yet they were the group that was cooking full meals in the kitchen two and three time a week! I would be cleaning on their month and they would stand in the halls and watch me. There is such an attitude that things should just be given not earned. We all have rules and hoops that we have to jump through daily why shouldn't they as well!

MomR said...

I agree with you. Things have to be done legally. In the comics I think it was on Monday, in Mallard Fillmore he is talking to President Fox of Mexico and telling him that he and his kin would like to move to Mexico and they expect to have their children taught in Enlish, be able to shop in stores where English is spoken, have the highway signs and directions all written in Enlish, etc. The last frame said, Presidant Fox, How can we have a dicsussion if you don't stop laughing.

I think it has merit.