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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

My thoughts on the announcement on Sunday

No this is not going to be a big rant and rave. To the contrary I agree with out brethren. Maybe the fact that I don't have anyone close to me that is homosexual keeps me from being conflicted, I just tend to trust God and our Leaders on this issue.
I would also say that because I am against SSM, does not mean I am not compassionate, that I don't think people need to be treated with respect and love. God has Laws, one of them against sex outside of marriage. Marriage he defines as that between a man and woman. He also condemn homosexuality, and no I don't need the Book of Mormon to say it, the Bible says enough. Frankly the Bible explanation hasn't been good enough for years why would the Book of Mormon explicitly saying it mean anymore?

God also said to the Adulteress Go and Sin no more, yes he forgave her but it was also condition upon her repentance, meaning to no longer partake in the Sin.

He has also said love your neighbor, which means to me, be charitable, loving and kind. I have compassion for many people, I do not equate compassion with condoning behavior and choices. I have always resented the political left in saying that they are closer to God because they are compassionate. Well I believe in Compassion and I also believe in God's laws. I can not judge because I do not know all, but I do know I have to be the kind compassionate servant. Our leaders have always said to be compassionate. I do not believe that we have to accept a life style "want" when just a few years ago these same people wanting marriage were putting it down and telling the world they don't need marriage.

I will always treat the people I meet with compassion and interest in their life whether I agree with them or not. Just don't ask me to allow them the right to marry. I think Satan has a bigger plan than just wanting people to have marital rights. I can't see it all at the moment, but I know in my heart it is there. I have personally seen his glee at the crumbling of the family unit, and he wants to damage it more. It may not happen today, but the effects are far reaching.

I would suggest if you are having difficulty with what our ordained and SUSTAINED leaders are saying and suggesting, fast and take it to prayer. That is the only way that true peace over the issue can be found.

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