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Sunday, May 07, 2006

More Kendra Speak

Kendra is learning to say more and more words every day. The other day we had this going on.

Us: Can you say sheep
Kendra: Baa, Baa

Us: Can you say chicken
Kendra: Cluck, Cluck

Us: Can you say Duck
Kendra: Quack, Quack

Us: Can you say horse?
Kendra: Neigh, Neigh

Us: Can you say Pig
Kendra: Grunt, Grunt (Sounds like a cross between oink and a growl)

Us: Can you say Cow?
Kendra: Cao

Us: Can you say tiger?
Kendra: Roar

Us: Can you say Lion?
Kendra: Roar

Us: Can you say Bear?
Kendra: Bea

Us: Can you say Cat?
Kendra: Meow

Us: Can you say Rooster?
Kendra: Roose, then we all said Cocka doodle Doo, and you should hear her Cocka doodle do with us at the top of her lungs. Oh what reading "Oh the Wonderful Mr. Brown can do!, has done for our child!


The Ramblin Irishman said...

Yes, but just think what reading "The World of The Wonderful Irishman" would do for her literacy.

Téa said...

She will be formidable snorta competition in no time!

Michael said...

I love reminiscing the sounds she makes in her unadulterated joy and glee. I love being a young parent, my 16 and 12-year-old their own place in my heart. Thankyou for sharing these moments... Wolf