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Monday, May 22, 2006

Keeping Sacred things Sacred

I was chatting with my SIL Téa last night and discussing some of the things that have been bothering me lately as I blog and read other blogs. I have learned over the years that if I have a question regarding my religion that I can find an answer for I continue to study and pray for those answers. I ask, I debate, but I have never let those questions come to the point of doubting the leadership of the church. I feel that in doing so I question Gods wisdom and even Gods love. It is as if I would be counseling God instead of listening to him. I have had many answers to those questions and most of them have taken years for me to find the answers to them. Sometimes they have come through books I'm reading. These include titles covering religious themed topics, to fiction and non fiction sources. Sometimes the answers come through enlightenment by the Spirit when I least expect it, doing my hair, driving in the car, cooking dinner.

I had attended Education week many times over the years and I have learned that God respects someone that can keep a secret. So here I have answers to many of the topics endlessly debated in the bloggernacle and I'm restrained from giving my personal revelation because it would be trampled on, vilified and mocked. I am so tired of the women not just having difficulty with issues of Polygamy, why women do not hold the Priesthood, and the idea that women have no influence in church policy. I often want the rant and rave and shake some heads but I know that will not work. I run a blog list of womens blogs and I tell you that sometimes I would love to remove them from the list. I came to the conclusion that if I'm doing that list as a service for other women I need to include the view points I personally Do not agree with. That is difficult for me to be inclusive when I want to be exclusive. I would love to see a site that discusses these issues without vilifying the church leadership past and present.

I often wonder how many really ponder the issues and wonder what is it that God is trying to teach us by many of the policies in the church. I often wonder how they can accept Joseph Smith as a Prophet if they can not accept teachings that he says came from God. Either he is a Prophet or he is not. Having difficulty is not wrong, what I think is wrong is the idea that God must be wrong. I would have issue if I was asked to live some of the policies like polygamy, but I also know that if God commanded, THROUGH the PROPER AUTHORITY, I would have to accept it. We all have our Abrahamic tests to go through, and we have to be willing to do them. We have to be tried and tested.

I can say I personally hate the statement that it is because someone said it is. I am a person that loves to understand why something is the way it is. I do not want the face value statement Just because. It is in this frame of mind that I have learned to be patient, to wait for the answer, and to keep that answer personal and private unless I feel the need to share. Such as with my children if they should ask the same thing.

Should I draw my line in expanding my blogging world? I avoid the sites that I feel detrimental to my spirit that is so weak at the moment. I try to go to those places that uplift and bring peace. I started my own group blog to fill that voice. I am still looking for anyone wanting to join that site. I have joined another site that is for voices of women in an uplifting and beneficial way. Is there anything else I can do? Any suggestions on what you do to find those things that are wonderful and enlightening to your spiritual mind and well being? Let me know, please.

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