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Monday, May 15, 2006

History of Abbie and Kendra

I was asked in the previous post what was wrong with the girls hearts. Most of the background on Abbie is in the October and November Archives, but the basic is that with Abbie a very loud heart murmur was heard after birth. Normally I wouldn't have been concerned because some of the neonatal anatomy doesn't close right after birth, but the pediatrician that was covering for my normal Dr. was very concerned. He ordered echo cardiograms to be done and the initial report said that she had 3 problems, one which could have been very serious. We had a cardiology referral when she was 3 weeks old. She didn't hear anything horrible, and the report only stated 2 problems and the one that was serious was different from what I was told. At this point they are just watching her and if this murmur doesn't close by the time she is a year old we need to see the cardiologist again. I'm not too concerned anymore with it because the cardiologist didn't seem too concerned and at this last appointment it was barely heard.

Kendra on the other hand never really had a problem until last fall at her 18 month appointment. He heard a murmur but it isn't too unusual to get some cardiac "noise" at this age. He wasn't too concerned but he heard it again last week and he thought it was much louder than it was 6 months ago. At this point we are still watching it because it could be a normal childhood murmur and nothing significant. He wants to see her again in 6 months and will make some more determination as to a possible cardiologist follow up then. Until then I'm just going with the fact that the girls are active and happy. They don't show signs of having trouble oxygenating and seem good to me.
I hope that answers the question!

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