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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

C my C

Here are the rules: Comment on this entry and if you'd like to play, I will give you a letter. Write ten words beginning with that letter in your blog, including an explanation of why you chose it, and then pass out letters to those who want to play along.

Lei gave me the Letter "C"

1. Clarence: No it is not my favorite name, but it belongs to the man I love most in the world. It is his middle name and it comes from his maternal grandfather to honor him. He always has a name of someone he loves and remembers and cherish. So for me it is a wonderful name because of the man and men it belongs. On a humorous note I named a stuffed pig for him. My mother asked what Micheal's middle name was when we were thinking of a name, I giggled and said Clarence, the name stuck!! Other names that begin with "C" that mean something to me are;
Collin: The name we gave our son. I have always loved Irish Gaelic names and this one fit so well with Michael. Collin means Child, and Michael mean Like the Lord, so Collin's name means Child like the Lord. Cordell my brother, Cindy and Celeste my Sisters, Cyd, Cindee with at least two friends given those names. My friend Michele her middle name is Camille. I think I could go on and on, I dearly hope I didn't leave anyone out.

2: Clarinet: Oh yes the instrument I play and have a passion for. I have had so many wonderful solos from playing Weber's concertino for Clarinet and Mozarts Clarinet Concerto in A. I have loved to play things that are fast and wild, and the long mellow tones in the Symphony "From the New World" by Dvor(ák. I also can not forget playing the part of the CAT in Peter and the Wolf! You could say it is the only time you could imagine me climbing< up a tree. It put me through Nursing school and for that I am grateful for the gift I was given.

3: Christ: My love for our Saviour grows every day. I love learning about him and trying to live my life like him. I hope to be able to teach my children how to love him as much as I do. I have pictures in my home to help me keep it Christ centered as much as possible.

4: Christmas: My favorite Holiday of the year. I love the lights, the sounds, the hymns I see and hear. I love the time with family remembering why we celebrate the day. I love to give as much as I can. I am so blessed that I want to share those blessings with those around me.

5: Children: I love all my children, such gifts I have been given. When I know that I'm lucky to have the first two when I have a condition that could have kept me from that, to have the added blessing of two new additions to the house I am doubly blessed. I don't think they can ever know how much I love them and who they are. They help me try to be the best I can.

6: Calgary, Alberta Canada. Nope I was not born there, but lived there until I was 9 1/2. I left many friends behind and I shall always have a fondness for that City and Country. After all the money is soooo Cooooool. The things I miss, Calgary Stampede, The Calgary Zoo, Heritage Park, Bowness Park, my friends, and living close to Banff.

7: Candy. Nope not the sweet stuff, yes I like that too, but this Candy is in honor of a little dog our family once had. She was a small sweet little shelty, White and sable. She was one of the nicest and sweetest little dogs you could get to know. She loved women and loved to play. To this day we all miss her very much.

8: Classical Music: I grew up with a father that would only let us listen to classical music so it is part of my life. If I need to calm down, have a lift of spirits, want to sing or dance, I'm sure to find something I like.

9: Computers, specifically Computer games, and more specifically City building games. The first game I was introduced to was Civilization, I can thank my BILs for that addiction. My sister then introduced me to the City building games, Ceaser, and Cleopatra. Of course there are others, but those all begin with "C".

10: costermonger: Yes I need to get my fridge filled with fruit so I'm going to have to go visit one of these. Then again it just might be easier to go to the store. ;) Maybe I will pick up a Cantelope while I'm at it!

If after reading my list you would like to play, leave me a message and I will assign you a letter.

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