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Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Girls Doctor Visits

I took the two little ones to see the Doctor yesterday. Kendra as cute as ever attached herself to a stroller and a doll and was pushing her around every where we went in the office. After Kendra was weighed (she is all of 22 lbs.), she weighed her baby. Abbie on the other had weighs 15lbs 5 oz. She is in the 30% range so she is even dropping in size averages. Of course she has discovered the importance of moving around so that helps. The funny thing is to look at this little one and her chubby legs you would never think she was in the 30 % for weight.
Both girls look good and are acting great. He could still hear Abbie's murmur but faintly, and Kendra has one that he has heard on the last two visits. It is most likely nothing, but in a few months if it is still there I may have to take her to see the cardiologist also. :(
I do love interacting with these two little ones. Both were so good with their shots. Kendra got one, and only whimper, and Abbie did cry but didn't milk it like she has in the past. I am so blessed to have them in my life. I have had so much joy with these two little ones, I can hardly describe it accurately. I don't think I have appreciated a gift so much. Well except perhaps the gift of my husbands love. I'm not even sure I totally appreciate the atonement yet. Even though I have seen the effects of it in my life, I don't think I really comprehend the magnitude of it. Another topic for another day!

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