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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Children's books!

Daring Young Mom has a great thread on childrens books. It really got me thinking about the books that I loved as a child, and the books that my little daughter is enjoying right now. Reading has always been a joy of mine and I'm so grateful that I have a sister that has always found something new for me to read! I don't know what I would do without her suggestions, muddle through some how I suppose! So here are some of my favorite books; in two categories, children and youth. These are not in any specific order of preference, just what came to mind as I was typing.


1. Fox in Sox
2. The Cat in the Hat
3. Green eggs and Ham
4. Are you my mother
5. Curious George
6. Mother goose
7. Chicka- Chicka Boom Boom
8. Goodnight Moon
9 I love you Forever. (Forget the fact I can't read it out loud!)
10. Pat the Bunny

Youth Books

1. Nancy Drew
2. Hardy Boys
3. Any Beverly Cleary
4. Indian Captive
5. Anne of Green Gables
6. Harry Potter
7. The Chronicles of Narnia
8. Calico Captive
9. A Little Princess
10. The Secret Garden

So what are some of your favorite books, and why? Do tell!

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