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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Who, What Survey
Who is your best friend?Michael
Who do you like?Michele
Who is your mom?Nedra
Who owns your house?The Bank!!!! :)
Who bought you the clothes your wearing?I did
Who is at your house?My two Daughters and I
Who loves you?My Family
Who said hey to you today?Kendra
Who are you talking to right now?Myself
Who was your ex-boy/girlfriend?David
What town do you live in?Lehi
What are your pet peeves?People who have to be first in line, particularily on the road
What are you wearing?Pajama\'s
What do your teeth look like?crooked, off color
What are you doing in an hour?playing with my babies, maybe shower
What is your middle name?
What is your deepest secret?Not telling
What are you doing tomorrow?Playing the piano for a Stake Leadership Meeting
What is your boy/girlfriends middle name?
What is in this for you?absolutely nothing
What is your favorite thing(s) to do?read
What are you sitting on?a chair
Where are you at right now?At the computer
Where were you at at 12 noon today?It isn\'t noon yet
Where is your toothbrush at?my bathroom
Where do you sleep?in bed
Where do you live?in a house
Where were you at at 7pm yesterday?At home
Where is your boy/girl friend?At work (my husband!!!!)
Where are your parents?At home
Where did you put your bookbag?by my bed
Where do you keep your socks?in a drawer
When was your first kiss?When I was 21
When are you getting a job?I have one at home
When will you grow up?Never
When are you going to call your friend?I don\'t know
When did you get home last night?I was home
When did you graduate?1986 College
When are you going to stop taking surveys?I don\'t know
When was the last time you had a fruit smoothie?I don\'t remember
When are you getting married?I am married
Why are you taking this?Just because
Why are you weird?I don\'t know, I just am
Why are you wearing what your wearing right now?because I just got up
Why dont you have friends?I\'m shy
Why cant you get a boy/girl friend?I have a spouse
Why do you live where your at?Because it is where we choose to live
How do you fix your hair?In barrets
How are the kids?great
How many hours do you spend on the computer?Too many
How many TV shows do you watch?Too many
How did you find this survey?I don\'t know
How do you like it so far?It is strange
How do you make sharpies?good question, I don\'t make them
How many sharpies do you own?a couple
How often do you say I love you?many times a day
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