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Monday, April 03, 2006

What does it mean to be obiedient

I had found this post over at MMW, and I had made a comment on it, about how our Stake President a few years ago challenged the stake to dress up to watch General Conference at home, and to also try to attend one session at the Stake Center. No this is not a post on what to do at General Conference, but something a bit different is on my mind. It was these comments that had me thinking:

Tigersue, while I admire your obedience and can appreciate the sentiment of dressing up for the occasion, there is no way I am going to wear pantyhose in my living room. (Okay I don't wear them to church, either.) All I'm saying is that if dressing down (read:pj's) twice a year is the cog in the wheel of my salvation I think I'm doing better than I thought. Unless I'm mistaken (and I'm sure I will catch hell for this), the garb Jesus has on in all the pictures isn't too fancy. In fact, it looks a lot like my favorite bathrobe.

Tigersue, I too admire your dedication, and maybe when my kids are older I'll get a little better where you're coming from, but for now...

Tigersue, I think if I didn't have little ones it would be good to go for one session.

So, I'm driving around thinking today, how often do we put the ....."but", when it comes to being obedient. What limits do we put on laws that we don't want to follow, or suggestions, or ideas. How often do we say "I'm just going 10 miles over the speed limit, or I didn't' want to wait for another green light" Yes, this counsel was from my Stake President, and my husband and I have really tried to make it a goal to follow all the suggestions given by our local leaders, so yes we dress up for General Conference at home. It is a little thing really, not hard to do, and we find a level of reverence not felt before, even with our young children. It would be easy to say... "our children are too little.", "I hate wearing a dress, or tie", "what good will it server me to do this." The truth is there is blessings to be found in being obedient, even to those things that seem insignificant, or trivial.

There are many people with small children that do this, there are many people that have to walk miles to attend and listen to the voice of the prophets. Am I that much better that I can't follow such a simple thing? To go a step farther, what excuses do we make to not pray, to read our scriptures, to no hold FHE? What about paying tithing, FO, or following the Word of Wisdom as we understand it? How about keeping the Sabbath Day Holy, or not coveting what our Neighbor has? What about honoring our Parents, or being honest to our fellow man? It is so easy to pick and choose what things we will obey, it is hard to do the ones we have difficulty with in being obedient. My oldest Daughter was the only one in the family that didn't read the BoM last year. We found out she got stuck in Isaiah, with just 1 more chapter to go, and she would have been out of it. She lost sight of the big picture because it seemed to hard, when if asked for help she may have been able to get through it. Instead she got mired down in the "but", and not the "because" As a parent, how could I have made it easier for her?
So how do we look beyond the I would do it.... "But", and make it I will do it.... "Because"? How do we mold our attitudes to become one with God, when there is so much that we want to fight, and reinvent the wheel that has been made for us? When do we really put ourselves in God's hands and truly become one with Him, in all things, in how we act, think, feel, and DO!

How do we find the blessings in the willingness to do the small things, when it could be so much easier not to do them? What small things have you been given by your own local leaders that in following have blessed your lives in a way not seen before?


MomR said...

I can see how that could make conference more meaningful. For the same reason I don't put jeans or pants on on Sunday. I'll change into a lounger dress but it is still a dress and helps me to keep the Sabath more holy and not get too rambunctious doing other things. :)

The Daring One said...

Right on chickee! We need to get off our "buts" and be a little more humble and obedient.

(from a person who did wear pjs, as sanctioned by my Stake Pres. :))

Anonymous said...

Just remember that just because your stake president asked you to do that doesn't mean we were all commanded to do it. I mean I think My stake President wears lounging clothing while he watches it so whose to say that is a commanment for all of us?

Kimberly said...

I have actually been thinking about obedience lately and may even blog about it in the near future. Kim talked about obedience in his testimony at church last Sunday and gave an example from a recent family bike ride that I may post about soon.

One experience I have had with obedience was in my last ward when my Bishop Challanged all the sisters to wear closed toed shoes and nylons to all Sunday meetings, any meeting held in the chapel and to the Temple. This was hard for me as most of my shoes are opened toed and I hate nylons but I did it and I still do it and I have really seen a lot of blessings come to me from that simple act of obedience.

As for conference; Grace and I do wear dresses but the boys don't dress up (including Kim) and I feel the spirit in our home is much better if I don't push the issue. I haven't noticed a huge difference in the children's reverence from when they do or dont dress up but I like how it makes me feel inside.

You are so right about obedience and submitting ourselves to the savior. I do think I will blog about my feelings on this issue but for now I am off to volunteer at kindergarten :)

Please excuse my spelling errors and have an awesome day!

Tigersue said...

I didn't say I thought it was a commandment for all of us. If you noticed I did say it came from my Stake President, my local leaders, so I don't expect it for other to do so. What I do expect it and would like to see is a "wow, that is a really great idea, I might try that and see what happens." Instead I have seen lots of hostility and critism, and lots of I wouldn't do that even if they asked us too! Part of the church goals is "perfecting the saints" and that is what my Stake President is trying to do for us. Bring a greater reverance and focus to our worship and our meetings. After all conference is something special and do we look at it that way.