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Friday, April 07, 2006

A response to Gun Control

I found this blog a while ago when I was adding it to my LDS womans blogs list. This particular post had me shaking my head and actually saying "SAY WHAT!" She actually said this "guns as inherently evil". Of Course her whole point on the post is that Gun control is necessary, that guns are evil because they are designed to take a life. Once again I find myself more and more amazed at the thoughts of the liberal left in this country. Now, I happen to agree that some reasonable gun control is a good thing, such as better safety features, and better screening of those who apply for the weapon, but it shouldn't infringe on the rights of those people who want to own guns legally. The truth is that those who want to commit crime with a gun will more likely get that gun through illegal means than any other way, and legislation will not stop that trend. It is time to stop punishing responsible gun owners! It is a constitutional right to be able to own arms! Hitler was able to do what he did to the Jews and others he deemed unworthy to live was by taking away their right to defend themselves. This right has bearing in the scriptures, if you doubt me read the book of Ester again and refresh your memory!
The best way to prevent children from hurting themselves is with education, but not just the child, in most cases that will go in and out of their heads, and they just don't understand what it means!. The gun owner needs to lock that weapon up securely, and ammunition needs to be somewhere else just as locked up! Is that really so hard to do?
As for Guns being inherently evil, I'm sorry but it is an inanimate object! IT has no feelings, nothing, it is the person who uses that weapon in an evil manner that is evil, not the weapon. Don't tell me that the wife of a police officer wouldn't want her husband to have it, don't tell me that my nephew who served in the military shouldn't have been trained to use one! I happen to believe that God is the one that inspires inventions, not Satan, and it is the person who wields that weapon that is the one that will be judged for good or evil, not the GUN! It made me think of my favorite author and her discussion in a book The Bishops Heir. In it a character is discussing with another the merits of Deryni being evil or not. Now a Deryni is a person with magical ability, and in this time period they are considered evil and children of Satan. The analogy of fire is brought up as a comparison, fire can do good, such as give warmth and cook food, but it can also damage and cause great harm and even kill. Is the fire evil, or is it what it is used for evil? I think Guns can be looked at in the same way. Guns can provide food and protection, it can also kill the innocent. It is what it is used for that is evil, not the gun itself. I think if Captain Moroni could have used guns to defend his homeland he would have! No I am not a member of the NRA, I don't own a gun, and I don't want to own a gun, but I will defend the rights of those that want to own a gun, as much as the right of free speech. We can not pick and choose what admendments to support in our constitution, they are all there for good reasons!


MomR said...

I agree with you Tanya. I will take things one stip further: Anything that is created for good, Satan will find a way to use it for evil. Look at fire, guns, computers, etc. I think this applies to everything!

MomR said...

That's supposed to be "step" up there not stip. Sorry for the typo.

Stephen said...

Swimming pools are inherently evil -- after all, they kill a lot more kids than guns.

Ah well ... (hyperbole is a lost art along with logic some times).

Michael said...

My wife has an opinion about guns, and the necessity to respect their use and the responsibility to manage them wisely. I agree full heartedly. I am learning political views, that are not often spoken, but assumed. Stay strong and with opinion, I love you like that... Wolf