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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Our Darling Daughter

16 years ago, you came into our lives.
A sweet little baby
Straight from Gods Light.
You grew and you grew,
and suddenly now,
You want to do things,
That you couldn't before.
Don't grow up too fast,
yet tall you stand.
A Sweet 16
Oh how we love you!
Happy Birthday to You!

Go wish Natasha a Happy Birthday HERE


Téa said...

A beautiful Young Woman, Tigersue & Wolf!

What an example for her younger sisters!

Congrats on making it through 16 years of parenting so far =)

Noelie said...

Marlei and I will be out on Friday for her birthday party. I am even going in a bit early and will leave promptly at 3pm... :-)

swimming violist said...

yea!! Marlei is coming!! whopi!!, I'll let my parent say thanks on the compliment part.