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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Obeidience responce to an anonymous post

I was just looking through posts and found one on my obedience post I had missed somehow this past week, and since it will be off the front page tomorrow I thought I would answer it here. I wish the person who had posted it and stated their name, but it is anonymous so I hope this will be gentle in the response.
Here is their comment

"Just remember that just because your stake president asked you to do that doesn't mean we were all commanded to do it. I mean I think My stake President wears lounging clothing while he watches it so whose to say that is a commandment for all of us?"

Now here is my posted response to the comment.
I didn't say I thought it was a commandment for all of us. If you noticed I did say it came from my Stake President, my local leaders, so I don't expect it for other to do so. What I do expect it and would like to see is a "wow, that is a really great idea, I might try that and see what happens." Instead I have seen lots of hostility and criticism, and lots of I wouldn't do that even if they asked us too! Part of the church goals is "perfecting the saints" and that is what my Stake President is trying to do for us. Bring a greater reverence and focus to our worship and our meetings. After all conference is something special and do we look at it that way.

I had also asked what little things have you done and seen blessings from doing it, even if it seemed like a strange thing to do. Thank you Kjmberly for posting an experience. I love hearing about what other people have done and how they felt about doing it.


Kimberly said...
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Kimberly said...

oh Noelie,
I agree with you. I have seen great blessings in my life and lives of my husband as they have heeded the counsel to don white shirts and ties. I have seen growth in myself as I put on nylons (I hate nylons) and worn closed toe shoes---because the counsel was given to me. I have seen growth and blessings in my daughter's life as she has made difficult decisions to be modest rather than compete in gymnastics in a skimpy leotard. People need excuses to not obey----I even do that sometimes. We aren't all where Tanya is on learning to submit and obey. I know I'm not there yet!

Tigersue said...

I'm not perfect when it comes to obeidience, I have so much to learn, and so much to do to improve. It is a learning process. I do think there is much to the letter of the law as the spirit of the law. I think much of what we are seeing in teh asking to wear on not wear certain items of clothing is the trends that are occuring in the church. Girls wearing flipflops, huge shoes that make noise when walking, not beautiful Sunday best clothes. Shirts that are skimpy and skirts that are getting higher and higher. Men, like my ex brother in law that refused to wear white, and would actually wear black in a form of rebeling against the "White shirt" standard. I remember well the outcry when President Benson gave his talks on Pride and Mothers needing to be home. Then President Hinckley's talk on no tatoo's and bodypiercings. I know of a woman that was so uncomfortable with her scar from her c/s that she got a Tatoo to beautify it, I think that would be classified as the spirit of the law in trying to see her body as a temple, where most tatoo's are for show and rebellion and the "Worlds" standard. The whole point of my post was not, should we or should we not dress up for Stake Conferece, something that went over most people's head, but what excuses to we make to not do something, and how does that affect the big picture, and ulitmately how does it affect our obeidience to other commandments of Eternal significance.