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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Happy Birthday Téa

You have a Birthday Shout Hurray
I want to sing to you today!
One Year Older and wiser too!
Happy Birthday
To YOU!!!


Noelie said...

Hey yeah. Happy Birthday Tea!

Téa said...

Yay, I have it in writing that I'm wiser!!!

Thanks for the great birthday wishes

swimming violist said...

Happy birthday Aunt Tea!! My "Birthday Twin"

Lei said...

Happy b-day to all!

MomR said...

Lovely poem, Tanya. I imagine you wrote it? It is too specific to have been written by someone else.

I found out this morning why my b/p dropped only 2 1/2 weeks after surgery! I was so excited and it so makes sense. When the bottom part of the stomach is hooked up to the jejunum, it releases a harome called, "lip1". (i'm not sure on that but that's how it sounds when spoken.) That works on the pancreas to release less insulin so then your b/p goes down. So that means insulin resisance and hypertension are directly related....as is gout or high uric acid (which I've had before I got pregnant with Richard) and also PCOS. I found this so interesting! Hypertension, PCOS and gout were listed among the symptoms of insulin resistance. Just tho't you might be interested.

Tigersue said...

I knew all of that before, Dr. Schwarzbein talks about all of that interrelating, as well as Dr. Atkins, Dr. Bernstein, and the Author of Life without Bread. High Colesterol is also related.
No, I didn't make up the poem, unless you are talking about the one for Tashy, this one for Téa is out of the Primary Song book.

The Ramblin Irishman said...

Okay Tigersue I am confused. Which daughter is the picture of? I thought it was Natasha but is it Tea? Anyway happy birthday to whomever it fits. Good to see a happy Mormon girl and I hope it stays that way. Your Mom and I have been passing notes, hope your father doesn't mind.:)

Tigersue said...

Okay, the picture is my Daughter Natasha! She happens to also share a birthday day with my sister-in-law Téa. I hope that clarifies it a bit. :)

swimming violist said...

I would hope so, I am 16 she isn't, and Aunt tea have 4 kids and married I am not....yet that is. I plan to wait a few more years.