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Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Sunday

I have to say, I love Easter Sunday, I always have. I love remembering that it was in the morning when the Saviour was resurrected and death was conquered. I often feel sad that we don't really look at Easter like we do Christmas, and yet maybe that makes it all the more special, that something so grand, so vastly important is such a private thing. At Sacrament Meeting yesterday our Bishop had only 3 decons pass the sacrament, the bread was broken into big pieces, all to allow us more time to ponder the sacrifice and our love for the Saviour. It truly was a special time for me. I spent the time reading hymns since Kendra was on my lap it is an easy thing to do. I started with my favorite Easter hymn, which is never sung, That Easter Morn.

That Easter morn,
a grave that burst
Proclaimed to man
that Last and first
Had ris'n a gain
And Conquered Pain

This morn renews
for us that day
When Jesus cast
the bonds away,
Took living breath
And conquered death

Thus we in gratitude recall
And give our love
and Pledge our all,
Shed grateful tear
And Conquer fear.

Then I read the other two Easter hymns, and then moved to the Sacrament hymns. Of course I read O Saviour, Thou Who Wearest a Crown. I read several Sacrament hymns and ended with Behold the Great Redeemer Die,

Behold the great redeemer Die,
A broken law to satisfy.
He dies a sacrifice for sin,
He dies a sacrifice for sin,
That man may live and glory win.

While guilty men his pains deride,
They pierce his hands and feed and side
And with insulting scoffs and scorns,
And with insulting scoffs and scorns,
They crown his head with plaited thorns.
Although in agony he hung,
No murm'ring word escaped his tongue.
His high commision to fulfill,
His high commission to fulfill,
He magnified his Father's will.

"Father, from me remove this cup.
Yet, if thou wilt, I'll drink it up.
I've done the work thou gavest me,
I've done the work thou gavest me;
Receive my spirit unto thee."

He died, and at the awful sight
The sun in shame withdrew its light!
Earth trembled, and all nature sighed
In dread response, "A God has died!"

He lives--he lives. We humbly now
Around these sacred symbols bow,
And seek, as Saints of latter days,
To do his will and live his praise.

There just writing this has helped me feel a bit better today. I have been a bit on the low side this morning, not sure why? There is nothing like the gentle reminders of God's love to peirce the soul. I truly love the Savior and all he has done for me. It is so humbling to think of the atonement and how it is there for all our Sorrows, spiritual, emotional, physical, every amount of grief and pain has been taken by him if we have the courage to turn it over and let him carry the burden. I need to remember that more often. :)
Primary was so nice also, as sharing time was the viewing of Easter Dream, one of my son's favorite movies that he would watch all the time. All in all a very nice worship service at church.


Michael said...

Taking a moment to read and ponder; thankyou for your example and focus of the most important.
You're right it does help keep life in perspective.
Thank you, Wolf

Lei said...

Love the hymns... and thanks for your thoughts!

I thought I'd repsonded to your request for an entry on We Seek After These Things, but I guess not? (Can't find it, lol)

Anyway, I'd be happy to contribute something!