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Monday, March 13, 2006

Translating Kendra speak

ah eye- Abbie
ba eee - baby
to eee- toy
cah cah - (no not the spanish!) Natasha
cah in - Collin
nack nack- snack snack
eye eee- Wrylie (our dog)
mommee- self explainitory
dayee- Daddy
bayee-- balloon
baoo- ball
boo- book
pop, pop, pop- Popcorn popping
Ilk- milk
whaee- Water
ni-ni-- Night night
na-na- Nap Nap.
Hummm, can't think of any others right now.
She does say AHHHHCH-- who knows what it means, we haven't figured it out yet.


swimming violist said...

That is so funny I love how she say Tasha, I can't wait to see how Abbie will, say my name!

Michael said...

That is a fun list to see how she pronounced words in a 18-22-month-old point of view. I almost didn't recognize my oldest daughter by her code name "swimming violist", that is good. Things to remember the angelic age of our children...


Tigersue said...

Well I did forget the obvious one!
NOOO. In all the various forms.

MomR said...

You forgot the "no". (You did put mommee in.) I enjoyed reading the translations.

MomR said...

I guess you can tell that I wrote my comment before I scrolled down and saw your note. hee hee