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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Thoughts on trolls and tithing

What do you say? What do trolls and tithing have to do with one another? Well I will get to that in a moment, and all will be made clear...
Hopefully as clear as crystal and not mud.

I read on FMH a beautiful post on returning to the temple by Naiah, this after an extremely hateful one about the temple written a few days before. In the comments are all these trolls trying to bash her beautiful experience and what joy it brought her. You know the typical stuff, I don't need to repeat it here. I was talking to my SIL Tea (pronounced Tay ah), and discussion how often one of the tactics of anti mormons is to pretend that they were once members. Generally they are pretty easy to figure out because they get all kinds of things wrong as they try to fool people into thinking they are the know-it-alls of how the church "works".
What struck me as funny, is the same thing I ran into when I worked at the FHP hospital in SLC, and talking to a couple of women about tithing, (One was not a member, the other was a very inactive member) They of course bring up this argument that God wouldn't want this money spent on elaborate buildings, but on the poor, and needy, Yah-dah, yah-dah, yah-dah. I always shake my head wondering, what right to people think they have to tell me what to do with my money? Why do they care that I pay tithes and offerings, I wouldn't be giving it to THEM if I didn't. Do they care about the people that spend 40,000 on a new car, or buy a huge home, or buy RVs. I don't think so! (Not that I am here). Why should they care about those of us the choose to show our faith by giving back to the Lord? There is plenty of evidence in the scriptures that He does care about the buildings that are his House. The tabernacle that Moses built, Solomon's Temple, even the garden of Eden represented the Best that was Made! So get over it Trolls, I'm going to pay my Tithing and let the Leadership of the church decide where it is best spent. I'm going to continue paying my offerings and trust the Leadership of the church to put it to good use in benefiting those that need it most. You won't get my money any other way!

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Téa said...

I really had no idea this was a prevalent way of thinking--growing up we always had collection plates at church!