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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

shameless plug

Yes I know this is a shameless plug for my SIL Tea, she is doing some guest posting on FMH. Yes I know it is not my favorite place to go, but this is great for her, so I will post the links for her posts. Enjoy them! Here is the first, Tea in Three Acts!


FrogLegs said...

I'll be awful-- wish her well here- YAY! But I can't go to that sight. It gets me.. too far going, and ruins my day for the kids, LOL! But it's always nice to be recognized!

Tigersue said...

That's why I'm just posting the links to her posts. I'm like you I have too much of a hard time there. To me feminism and being a homemaker don't mix! I also hate all the complaining and whining about things they don't like, women and the priesthood, the temple, polygamy, ect.

Téa said...

Aw shucks, Tanya, you're my kind of shill ;)