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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Pancakes, oatmeal, and Gravy

No this is not a new breakfast combination, but they are all related in some way or another, perhaps the another!
My son made some pancakes this morning for breakfast, and as my husband said he is still learning how to get the consistency right. At least they are not the hockey pucks that could take a beating on the ice. Still pretty thick and dense, what ever the case they didn't seem to bad and Kendra enjoyed them for breakfast. I told Michael that it couldn't be any worse than my oatmeal!
You have to understand that I don't care much for cooked cereals, in fact it really wasn't until I started to Low Carb that I could actually get myself to eat it, because it was a small amount that I could actually choke it down! Just after Michael and I were married, he had a birthday, I thought I would do something very nice and fix him some oatmeal, because he likes it. Well, me the non-oatmeal eater, didn't read the directions very well and mixed up the amount of water and the amount of cereal. Thus what emerged was not a nice steaming bowl of moist oatmeal, but a thick glob of I don't know what. Maybe it could have been used to seal some cracks in the walls. All I knew was it looked absolutely terrible. I was mortified, yet here is my darling husband trying to eat this stuff without loosing his stomach at the same time. He was so brave, and I'm saying don't eat it, don't eat it. He kept saying "it's fine, it's fine" all the while his face is as white as a sheet. Finally I convinced him to not eat the disaster of a meal. I'm not sure what I fixed him for breakfast after that, but that oatmeal went where it should have to begin with. Needless to say, it was Years, and I mean years before I attempted to make oatmeal again.
I never thought anything could be worse than that! I think I'm right but I have to say my husbands attempt at making gravy comes in at a close second.
This same year, he invited a young man over for dinner. I assigned my husband the task of making gravy, after all it was my father that made the gravy in the house so I figured Michael could do it. Well I use cornstarch to make gravy, not flour, and when you do that you use much less corn starch than flour to thicken the sauce. Michael, of course was not aware of this difference and he proceeded to use the amount equal to that of flour. The result was a thick mess, that almost looked like playdough, not a nice thick savory gravy! I tried to salvage it by adding water, and more water, and more water, until the crockpot was full of gravy, that had no flavor, no color, and was not useable either. We added salt, we added bullion, we added pepper, nothing could make that mess taste like a good gravy. I was so glad Alex was a trooper, and forgiving of the mistakes a newlywed couple would make in learning how to cook. (Alex was a 13 year old boy!) To this day we laugh about my oatmeal, that I don't like to cook, and Michael's gravy, I make that now, I'm not sure he has tried it since. I'm sure we have had our other share of cooking disasters, so when Michael told me what he did about Collin still needing to learn how to make pancake batter, I could only think of those two horrible mistakes, and that somehow learning to cook is a process of being able to accept the errors, and try, try again!


Téa said...

I really liked this Tanya, food stories about learning and growth =)

MomR said...

Very interesting. Your children should enjoy reading about yours and Michael's growth as newly weds too.

Michael said...

Last Thanksgiving, I'll have you know maybe two Thanksgiving ago, I was asked to make the Gravy at my sister's house in Idaho, and it turned out great. I even told my sister of the previous disaster, to which she said, can't do much worse than her, if she were to attempt... It boosted my confidence to try again at home, someday;)...Wolf