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Friday, March 24, 2006

Okay new site change....

I discovered today, the IE wouldn't download my blogrolling list, not only that I couldn't get any template but this one to work correctly on IE, it was great on firefox. Don't ask me why, I really don't know, I played around with it for hours, then came to the conclusion that I had to add my links in one by one, so if you are using firefox you will see both sets of links. The strange thing is that blogrolling works on my LDS womens Blog, go figure!
It can't be my computer if the one site works and the others don't. Yes, I added everything in one by one, and even the template changes were strange with no additions!
My daughter helped my pick my background, I hope it makes you think a bit of a JUNGLE


Stephen said...

Very pretty.

BTW, on diets, http://ethesis.blogspot.com/2005/12/diet-is-working.html is what I am doing.

FrogLegs said...

How funny-- you know, I couldn't get blog roll to work period-- so I gave up. :)

Téa said...

A nice surprise to click to--I think it's lovely!

MomR said...

A very nice look Tanya. Did you find it all yourself or did snobaby help you? She was going to once upon a time I know.

Tigersue said...

Actually this in one I did myself, I can manage this, it is doing one complete from the start, that I'm not sure how to do particularly with tables.
I'll I did here was pick a new template and changed the body background. :)
I'm still looking for something more jungle theme but this is good for now!

Lei said...

Good job, Tanya! It does make me feel like swinging from a tree a little.