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Friday, March 24, 2006

It's time to Giggle, Get it? Got it? Good!

My sister-in-law Tea has a post on FMH on Humor, and when is it, and what kinds of humor are approriate.
It made me think, suddenly of one of our most favorite silly movies... "The Court Jester

So here is a poll for the day....
What movies just make you absolutely giggle hysterically when you watch it?
I'm going to start off....
What's up Doc! , The end when Judy uncovers her face and says "Hi Daddy".
The Princess Bride , Dragging Westly around
Disney's Robin Hood, "....O'clock and all is Well"
Monsters Inc ,"Boo in the bathroom"
The Iron Giant, when the Giant jumps in the Lake, we laughed so hard and for so long we had to rewind the tape to see what we missed.
There you go starting list, and if you want to share a favorite line or scene, go to it. I want to giggle while reading.
"Get it? Got it? Good!"


Noelie said...

This should remind you of one that we all like "FOUR!"

Tigersue said...

I put that down over at another site looking for quotes.....!

Téa said...

The Emperor's New Groove has some of those giggle moments for me
"Wrong lever!"
"Why does she even have that lever?"
Or when they are racing back to tha palace and talking about how it doesn't make sense that the bad guys got there first...
The Lion King
"there's one in every family sire... two in mine, actually"
Princess Bride holds some great ones for us too.
The dragging, definitely, the rhyming on the boat, and later inigo's comment on vizzini's vocabulary
"I do not think it means what you think it means"

Tigersue said...

I remembered that last movie we watched that just made us die of laughter! I was "The Gods must me crazy 2, the kids were so cute and adorable, we couldn't stop laughing through the whole movie!