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Thursday, March 30, 2006

I'm too tired to clean up, Let's move!

I was carrying my laundry down the stairs today, and saw the mess and piles that I have to do, that I haven't caught up on in months, and I looked around and saw all the other stuff stacked up on the walls, and in the rooms, and I thought, quoting Marilyn Lovel, in Apollo 13, "I'm too tired to clean up, Let's move!" The irony being that you have to really clean and organize and dejunk to be able to move. So I come on line, wondering if I can come up with some kind of witty clever think to write about cleaning up and moving, and my sister snobaybe, is trying to work on my sister's cindilou's site, and having trouble with the code. This is Snobaybe I'm talking about, bright, brilliant, smart sister, and she is asking for help! Talk about trying to clean up and move! Well it is fixed after a simple change in the code, and my Sister Cindilou has a great new look for her blog. No, she didn't move, but it is cleaned up, and very much like her!


Scooby said...

Man I hear your pain... and I have to admit that I am so grateful that we *are* moving so that we can declutter, dejunk and I can get rid of things right underneath my recovery pack rat husbands nose *grin*

Noelie said...

I was well past time for me to move, sis... oh well.

As to the Snobaybe? What on earth would we do without her?

Besides be bored and lonely?

Tigersue said...

I just thought it was a funny thought that jumped into my head. At least I didn't get frustrated. :)
I love that snobaybe.

swimming violist said...

We all got to love her after all she is family!!! If somebody doesn't love her, that person should be shamed for not loving her!!!

annegb said...

Hey, how did you put your picture by your post to David B? I tried to do that, but I can't figure it out.

gardnera@netutah.com Thanks

annegb said...

Tigersue, my e-mail is gardnera@netutah.com

When I pushed reply, it said no reply.

Where are you at in Utah? That's where I live. Maybe we could do lunch or something.