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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Ideas on the ecosytem counter, or maybe I shoud say help?

My counter isn't picking up sites that have me linked on blogrolling, any ideas in how to fix that. I noticed the same thing when I checked on David's at The Whole Note, The Sisters blog, The LDS women's Blog, I am also linked at Ethesis, I'm not sure if there is anywhere else that hasn't picked up the links at this point. I find it very interesting. Maybe it is a problem with the new set up?


Snobaybe said...

Ya know I wish I knew what it was, cause on my technorati account I'm having the same issues, I have several places I'm linked and it has yet to pick them up... I just don't get it

Stephen said...


They've changed the way the system works. I couldn't even find your blog listed this morning.

I'd go through the listing system again and maybe that would take care of it.

Tigersue said...

so far looking on IE it doesn't show up at all, interesting. on firefox all my links are there.