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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Favorite Books

Daring Young Mom has a tip tuesday quiz, on what is our favorite book, alive or dead. You can only give one answer, and I thought, "Wow, how can I pick a book that I like or love, when I like so many different books! Books are my friends. Noelie also has a post about how she reads books, it is very enlightening, and trust me she remembers what she reads! There isn't often that she is asking me a question about a book. Usually she is the one telling me the books to read.
So here we go this is a list of my favorite books, perhaps authors if I like a set of books, just buy a book, or check it out at the library!
  1. Katherine Kurtz's deryni books, these include, the Chronicles of the Deryni trilogy, and the Legends of Saint Camber, there are two other trilogies, a stand alone, and a short story book. She is currently working on rewrites of the deryni chronicles series, and a new trilogy, anxiously waiting book 2.
    Harry Potter books,
    The Chosen
    The Book of Lights
    Davita's Harp
    To Kill a Mockingbird
    Pride and Prejudice
    Madeleine Brent books
    Lynn Kurland Books
    Dawn of Desire, Joyce Verrette
    Death and Ressurection by Jay and Don Parry
    Star Wars movie books
    The Da Vinci Code
    Angels and Demons
    Anne of Green Gables
    A Little Princess
    Indian Captive
    Calico Captive
    The Shannara Books by Terry Brooks
    By Love and Grace
    A Tale of Two Cities
    A christmas Carol
    Shakespears Plays
    The Chronicles of Narnia
    The Work and The Glory Series
    Behold Your Queen
    Believing Christ
    Jesus the Christ
    A Marvelous Work and Wonder
    Mistress of Melyn
    There are many religious books to but I don't remember titles right off! Trust me I have a horde of them!

Right now this list is small, I'm a bit brain dead, but trust me there are many, many more books I love, and I'm sure I will be hitting my head as I think of more of them.

What are some of your favorite Books? No limit, just within reason please!!!!! ;)


FrogLegs said...

You know-- I love to read everything, but I don't have favorites... I have a couple I own because they were gifts. But I have a hard time rereading something--- other than scriptures!

Michael said...

Man, do I have a lot of reading to do and enjoy... balance is my justification/excuse. I like to when I make time. It sure comes in handy in learning some vocabulary... Thank you for teaching me culture in reading and music...always more to learn and appreciate...Love, Wolf

Rachelle said...

What a great list! I am copying this down.

The Daring One said...

I will be asking for this list too so make sure to send it my way if you don't mind when I call for the fat list. Yours is a great one, by the way.