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Thursday, February 23, 2006

What do I have to do to get going?

My sister Noelie, likes to do the color personality tests. Yes it is interesting, and fun to see how we all fit and work together. Right now the Blue part of me, and the White part of me are really warring with one another. I think the white is winning, which isn't necessarily a good thing right now. I'm still having a hard time concentrating, and even a harder time getting anything productive done around the house. Each day that goes by it gets worse and worse, and I have no desire to roll up my sleves and work. To clean my floors, wash the clothes, and tidy up the mess that is gradually incroaching on my environment. That is also where the white part of me is going nuts, because it wants peace and I have no peace in a messy, untidy, and somewhat filthy home. I blame no one but my little ol' self for this predicament, so the blue part of me is beating myself up. Somehow I have to get the fire in me that enough is enough, and get back to work on getting my home in some shape of order.
So that is my question.....
What do I have to do to get myself up and going, to not feel discouraged at the amount of work I have a head up me. To dig out those pails, and buckets, get the washing machine going, and scrub everything up so it shines. I know I'm to love my babies while they are little, but how can I do that when I feel that life is falling in around me while I let it. Is that anyway to raise my children?
I love my life, I'm just having a very difficult time getting motivated. What a dilema, I hope to get the fire and tiger back soon.


Téa said...

Depression tends to put out fires, or so I've found. I know exactly what you mean though about seeking peace and yet feeling incapable of mustering that kind of energy/effort.

Flylady has excellent advice that I don't always remember on my darker days.
*Any amount of housework, even two minute's worth, is better than nothing.
*Housework done incorrectly/ imperfectly still blesses your family.
"You first have to forgive yourself. The guilt that we have felt over so many things continues to eat at us. This guilt is self-inflicted. We just love to beat ourselves up.

So when are you going to forgive yourself for any number of things: a messy home, overspending, overeating, yelling at your babies and alienating your family. Now is the time. Forgive yourself, let go of the past and open up your doors to loving yourself and the rest of
the world."
"Do you hear your Mother's or Whoever's Voice saying, "That's not good enough, you can do better than that, go back and do it right!"
It really didn't matter how nice a spin they put on it the message
came through loud and clear."Anything less than perfect is unacceptable!" and the horrible extension: "Unless you are perfect, you are not good enough." or Not Worthy of Being Loved!!!"

The Tiger & Fire will return as the depression subsides, or so I'm told... I don't have the experience to back that up but others tell me it happens.

Cindilou said...


It is depression.. I know been there done that. I just recently found out that is another reason I got a divorce.. I did not clean the house good enough. See I could not be like RAJ.

You are blessed to have a husband who loves you no matter what!

I guess I should come and offer some help eh?

The Ramblin Irishman said...

Yup, depression. I agree with Tea about it putting out fires. The sad part is that they come on with no warning and suddenly, BAM, you are in its clutches. How to get out of it? It takes hard work but you have to start doing things you like and it all starts falling into place. Sometimes our religion fosters depression because we are all trying to be better each day. Once in a while we need to just pause and breathe, have a cold Pepsi and some chips, take in a movie of our liking or go to a function with a lot of activity to it. Hang in there bud, you will do great.

MomR said...

As I read this two tho'ts came to my mind: "Quiet down cobwebs, dust go to sleep. I'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep". And "To every time there is a season." You are back to your season that you were in when Tasha and Collin were babies. You got out of that particular season for awhile and did other things. Now you are back to it. There is only so much you can do in a day. I liked that quote T�a had from Fllady: Any amount of housework, even tow minutes's worth, is better than nothing." You have one advantage in your life now that you didn't have when your first two were babies: Tasha and Collin can help with the housework. They are plenty old enough. Delegate. I hope you aren't expecting to do all of it yourself. I love you. hang in there. I put your name on the temple prayer roll when I was there Thursday and pray for you every day.

Michael said...

"I Believe In You", and I'm with you for the long haul, not just for the easy days...Love, your Hubby, Michael