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Friday, February 24, 2006

Abbie is growing!

Oh, yes we already knew she was growing like a weed. The nurse laughed as I got her undressed for her measurements! She said, "With that little face I would never have expected to see those legs". It is so true, All of Abbies weight is in her little chubby legs. I call her my little rolly, poley. The good news is, she has slowed down in her growth, she is no longer in the 90% range in her weight, that has dropped to 55%, and her length is at 50%, so I feel much better that I did a couple of months ago. More balance between the two measurements is what they want. So even if she did start out growing like Natasha, she is slowing down so she is now only 4 oz more at this age than our little Kendra. He still could hear her heart murmur, and he asked about what Dr. Judd wanted to do for follow up. I told him she said that if he could still hear it at a year to have another follow up then, since she thought it was a Patent Foramen Ovale, not the typical Patent Ductus Arteriosis.
As he said looking at her, it is not inhibiting her growth any. :)
She of course carried on after her immunizations, it wasn't until I was moving the van did she finally stop the crying. I had told the nurse that I once had a Dad almost hit me when I gave his baby the required shots in the hospital. I would often feel Dad's get protective, but I think that was the only time doing that I felt my life threatened by someone capable of doing it.
I had once before had a patient try to strangle me with my stethescope or the monitor cables, but he was so confused and so upset that I don't think it was intentional, he was just trying to go somewhere familar and the hospital bed wasn't it, and I was keeping him from what he wanted. It was scary, but not to the point that I blamed him for his actions, I understood it, and I wanted him to be safe from harm. This other man could have cause serious harm to me, and there was no one around to help since I was the only one in the nursery. One of those hazards of working in smaller hospitals.
So moral of the story.....
Beware of confused gentlemen, and way overprotective dad's! Just remember Nurses are there trying to help, not make things worse.


Lei said...

I have chubby-legged babies, too. So cute! My Jonah had a heart murmur, too, but the hole grew closed. Hope it continues to leave her alone! Oh, and we love nurses! :)

The Daring One said...

Yay for the growing Abbie. Chubby little legs are the best. Magoo's are not much of a secret, given his huge melon-esque noggin, however they're still very lovable.

MomR said...

It's good to hear Abbie is doing so well. It's also good she has slowed down a little in her growth.

The first year after I graduated from Ricks School of Nursing I was taking care of a little old woman (she doesn't seem so old now that I'm closer to her age :)) picked up her slipper, I tho't she was going to hand it to me, and slapped my right across my face with it. It really startled me. She hit me hard enough that my chin was bruised. I went out of the room with tears in my eyes. One of the doctors asked me what happened. When I told him he said, "Didn't they tell you about the occupational hazards you would encounter as a nurse?" :) I guess we all have had them. :)

Téa said...

It really is too bad that we live so far away--I would love to tickle Abbie's chubby legs and read with Kendra =)

If we can make it north this summer, Kendra will be two years older than when we saw her last, and Abbie will be 9+ months--wow!


I can't say whether I've been a 'model patient' but I can say I've never harmed or threatened to harm a nurse =D