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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

I have not posted in awhile.  I am still debating what I want to do with my blog.  I am hesitant to post anything of a personal nature, and my faith and other such thoughts might go on another blog.  In the mean time this is what I have been doing to occupy time.  Coloring.  These two pictures are from the Color Me 2 book by PJC Smart.  The horse is done with Crayola pencils, since then I have learned more about layering, shading, and blending.  Still working more on shade and using light, but layering has been fun.  The Chipmunk is done with Koor-I-Noor tricolor pencils, and the rest of that picture is using Marco Reffine oil pencils.  The background is done by pebbles chalk with some chalk blender.  As far as I know the chalk blender is no longer available on the market.  I got it from my Aunt's supply of stuff after she died and I never used it until now.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Consecration in All Things

I have been pondering The Law of Consecration so much over the past few years.  It has been a continual course of study but something I have pondered on and off, particularly with each time I attend the temple.  It has been back in my mind this week after reading a news report about a man, disgruntled with "the Church"* and going public with the fact that he is facing disciplinary council and facing excommunication.  Now the article is not the focus of my thoughts, but a comment from a reader that also had an axe to grind and was listing "items" that he has perceived that "the church" has given up, in his opinion, because of social pressure and one of those was the "Law of Consecration".  I have no idea what he thought that it had, and his comment struck me as odd, because the Law of Consecration is very much in effect.  We may not be living it economically, but it is sure there spiritually.

For me I started to be more drawn to it as Collin was nearing mission age.  My prayers became more focused in consecrating my son to The Lord in his service.  Some people may think what right had I to do this, after all a mission is his choice.  It is true, a mission was and is the choice of the individual, but what was important to me was my attitude.  Could I dedicate my life as a parent to prayer, teaching, supplicating, and supporting my son to make this decision and then with a glad and joyful heart send him on that mission.  I often reflected on the example of Hannah in the Old Testament.  How she prayed for that son and promised him to the Lord if she was so blessed.  Can you imagine how much joy she felt, and how difficult it was to give that young boy over to Eli.  Just this week in reviewing 1st Samuel chapters 1 and 2 again, I am humbled by the faith of both Hannah and her husband Elkanah.  They understood the law of consecration better than I do and I wanted to have that faith in my life.

I truly believed I managed it to some degree.  When Collin left on his mission I was not a "typical" missionary mom.  Yes I shed a few tears, but over all, I was more joyful, more at peace, and trusting in God to do the best for my son and protect him on his mission.  To this day I am so frustrated when I hear of missionary moms so upset, and "freaking" out over their sons and daughters going on their missions.  Sometimes I am so frustrated to the point that I want to tell them to pray that their child can finish a complete mission because the alternative has been one of the most painful things I have gone through in my life.  To have a worthy son come home, in agony, mentally, emotionally, physically and to suffer even more from judgments as to why he did not complete a full mission.  It brought a new meaning to consecration in my life.  I never thought it would be harder to have a child come home from their mission that it was to send them out. We still don't know why, and we may never will, but I know this much, you don't have to serve a full 2 years (or 18 months) to consecrate your faith and love to the Lord.

Consecration is with in the heart.  It is not just a temporal law.  If it was, I think we could live it, I do believe it would be easier to give everything to "The Church", and have what we need given back.  It is much harder to promise to give all we have in society now.  It encompasses so much more than money, it is time, talents, gifts, knowledge and I believe power.  When I say power I'm not referring to Priesthood authority, all though for men that may be part of it, but rather the Power and blessings granted to us but keeping our temple covenants.  After all that is power and power all who are endowed have access to those blessing and gifts.  If I can't give all my heart to what ever I'm doing am I truly living this law?  I can only answer that for myself, not for anyone else.  We all have our limits, but I believe we are to test and stretch those limits frequently so we can grow.
D&C 78 is always worth reviewing, the blessing mentioned in that section and are so powerful.  Anyone that doubts that our Father in Heaven doesn't love each and everyone of us, and wants us to share in all his blessings, need to study it, frequently.  In Relief Society on Sunday a sister shared a scripture from The Book of Mormon, 2 Nephi 32:9

But behold, I say unto you that ye must pray always, and not faint; that ye must not perform any thing unto the Lord save in the first place ye shall pray unto the Father in the name of Christ, that he will consecrate thy performance unto thee, that thy performance may be for the welfare of thy soul.
Notice the word consecrate in conjunction with Prayer.  That everything we do in the Name of the Lord we need to pray and he will consecrate our efforts.  What a marvelous blessing. It doesn't matter how much we can do, but if we do it in the manner prescribed by Nephi we will be blessed.  What a great comfort. Imagine how much anxiety, depression, stress,and fear can be relieved if we can do this?  I brings hope to the soul that with faith we can do it.  We can change our hearts to be more consecrated to God, we can become more Holy, pure, dedicated. I know that is what I want, and I will be doing more study, and apply more concentrated effort into my searching and pondering.  I would imagine I'm a bit behind the time on this subject, but I think The Spirit leads us to what we are to learn next and this is what I need to focus my study on the next several weeks and months.

Neal A. Maxwell stated,
Frankly, it is our prospective selves we betray by holding back whatever the “part.” No need therefore to ask, “Lord, is it I?” (Matt. 26:22). Rather, let us inquire about our individual stumbling blocks, “Lord, is it this?” We may have known the answer for a long time and may need resolve more than His response.
The greatest happiness in God’s generous plan is finally reserved for those who are willing to stretch and to pay the costs of journeying to His regal realm. Brothers and sisters, “come, let us anew [this] journey pursue. (April 2002 conference)
Links about Consecration
D&C 78
1 Samuel 1
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*My usage of The Church, refers to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ordain Women Movement, What are the Consequences?

A couple of weeks ago I was reading a blog article about the ordain women movement in the LDS church.  I wish I could remember where or I would put the link, but either in the article itself or in the comments there was a story of an investigator that was disturbed by the concept that women are not ordained to the Priesthood in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  Either on her own accord or by encouragement of the missionaries she prayed about it, and had her own personal revelation that "it wouldn't work.".  I have been pondering that and wondering why "wouldn't it work?"  I have previously blogged about my opinion  but this time I want to discuss what I have learned in the reflection of this issue and the long term consequences in this mortal life and why "I don't think it will work".

For starters we must discuss the differences in the LDS church compared to other religions and other Christian religions in how our leadership rolls work.

We are given callings, although there are many religious scholars in the church we do not need to go to a School and get a degree in theology to become an ordained minister.  This is a crucial distinction between us and other churches.  We are called, and can be called regardless of education, career, and interests.  Although I have known Bishops that have degrees and specialties in the study of scripture, Hebrew, and other similar topics, they were not called because of this knowledge, they were called because God knew they had something specific do help strengthen the people under their jurisdiction.  As women in the Church this is so important to realize.  We have many, many opportunities to serve that in other religions you have to be formally ordained through a school of theology to do.  We can preach from the pulpit, we can pray in all our meetings, we can bear testimony, serve the sick and the needy, take care of children.  We can also be called to be part of presidencies, Relief Society, which is the largest women's organization in the World, Young Women's, and the Primary where we directly can shape and teach the youth of the church.  When a president of these organizations there is one on one counsel with the Bishop, participation in Ward Counsels, and on the Stake Level with the Stake President, all the way to the General Boards that work with the First Presidency and other leaders of the Church.  This is no small undertaking and I don't think as women of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints we don't appreciate near enough.  I know I didn't until I started to ponder, "Why would it not work".

As I was thinking about this issue and all the reasons why the ordain women "covet" the priesthood, and let me say some of them I have great compassion for, I was lead to think about the organization of the church as it is today.  Think about all the different groups we have to make the church run, and if we all did what we were asked to do, how well it would run?  Not just from the First Presidency but down to those that work in the nursery.  How would such a change affect this organization?  Some of those are connected to the superficial reasons why many of us as women do NOT want to have the Priesthood at this time.  We feel we are asked to do enough, that we are busy enough, not just as mother's but as members of the RS and our callings in Sunday School, Primary, and Young Women's organization.  We do not want the extra burden of potentially being called a Bishop of a Ward.  It is too overwhelming for most of us to think about.

That is still not why it wouldn't work, at least not the nitty gritty reasons.  It is getting close.  What would it mean if women were ordained to the Priesthood?  What would happen to the Elder's Quorum, The High Priest Group, Deacons, Teachers, Priests?  How would the organization of the Priesthood change?  What would happen to the Relief Society and how it now works.  Think about it for a moment?  Can you see what I am beginning to grasp?  If a woman is called to be Bishop, and Elder's Quorum, and Relief Society President, what happens to the men?  Will Relief Society even exist anymore?  If women are in charge of the Priesthood and Relief Society what value do the men have?  I know many of you would say, do women not have value in not being in those groups, all I can say is I'm trying to get you to see the big picture. 

This past Sunday we were talking about Joseph, and commenting on the wise counsel that men and women should never be alone together, carpools, appointments, that sort of thing.  I know my husband as executive secretary needs to be there when the Bishop has meetings with members of the opposite sex and with youth.  If he isn't there it is because someone else is there so even if alone in the office there is someone to be sure all is as well, and propriety is maintained, for everyone's sake.

If women can hold the priesthood what happens to our presidencies and what risks will be taken for potential sin?  Could we then have presidencies that are mixed?  A female bishop with male counselors, and mixed secretaries and clerks.  Same with the Elder's quorum.  What happens to the differing roles of the Elder's quorum president and the Relief Society President.  The lines of responsibility becomes blurred, and the necessity of one or the other is negated.  There is no doubt that women and men approach things differently, and we need that difference of opinion.

Next, what happens to the young men's and young women's organization.  I don't believe young men and young women are split for frivolous reasons, after all they spend Sunday School together.  It is because we need nurturing and teaching from role models of the same gender apart from each other.  I think this is necessary as part of our growth and development.  If women can be ordained what happens here?  Again, presidencies could be come mixed and at such impressionable ages, and an age where sexual desire and attraction grows I don't think it would be a good idea.  It is easy enough to pair off, but I could see it happening easier.

It goes on and on.  That doesn't mean that someday, women won't hold the Priesthood.  I know we will hold it when it is the most crucial and that is throughout eternity with our spouses.  The Priesthood is not complete without the man AND woman.  In mortality, I think our needs are different.  We are trying to learn how God works, and even how men and women work differently.  In doing so we understand each other better and even learn to work together better.

I am sure there will be women that will have differing opinions.  All I know is as I have pondered "why it wouldn't work", I understood this complex subject even more.  It isn't that God loves his daughters less, or that men have a greater work, it just in mortality, where Satan has such a hand hold in our lives, that this is designed as much for our protection as it is for our Spiritual well being.  As women we are taught that we can't do it all.  We have to rely on someone else to give our children blessings.  It can be hard as a woman to accept that there are things we "can't do".  We are in a time we are told we can do it all, but we can't.  God is teaching us that we need worthy male priesthood holders because without them we are also nothing, as they are nothing without us.

Monday, December 02, 2013


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This is one of my most favorite Christmas songs.  Finally I found it posted in English, usually I could find the Swedish version.  Please listen and enjoy the beauty of the words.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I voted for this classical tribute to David Guetta to win Response of th...

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"Life is tough but it's even tougher When you're stupid." (Do what works in Life) -Anonymous

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The End of our Country as We Know it.

Yes I am upset that once again our Great Country elected a pathetic leader.  I have many reasons for this that I will get into.  Frankly I have seen this trend for many years starting with the election of George Bush senior.  Not that I hate the man, but conservative values have slow dwindled in this country to the point where they are no longer valid.  When we can elect an evil man to office all bets are off.  I have heard people say we are the party of "No" but the truth is who has done the compromise, year after year, after year to the point that our individual freedoms are slowly being drained an whittled away?

As a member of the LDS church I have been baffled by the support many give to the democratic party.  I don't understand how they can look and an evil, evil man and cast a vote for him.  The trends of wickedness I see in the world under the guise of social equality continue to stymie me.  How can we not see that that "taking" of money and goods to give to someone else is wrong?  How can we not see the trends that the more the government takes, the less people give to charity.  The more people get from the government the less they give to charity?

My thoughts over the past several years are very pessimistic but I look forward to the hope of the prophecies written and given.  They can't happen soon enough for the future of my children, I don't have much hope for my own.

Some of the things that have struck me in this election are as follows.

1. The war on the rich.  I don't get it.  How can we as a nation, worship the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and athletic entertainers and then in the same breath vilify the people that earn their own wealth and give a large chunk to charity?  How have we gotten so shallow and so vain?  I have been watching some wedding shows on Netflix and am both amazed and appalled at the amount of money spent on dresses, and parties shown.  We want to glorify the rich and famous, we want their lifestyle but we don't want to work for it ourselves.  We want to take, take, take, and we are insanely jealous of those that have more than we do.  It makes me sad, and the hypocrisy of it all nearly takes my breath away.

2.  The attack and massacre of our Ambassador and military in makes me furious.  I can't believe that our President sat there and watched and DID NOTHING.  How is it our media ignores this issue.  You know as well as I do that if a Republican president did this he would have been crucified in the press and rightfully so.  How can this so important issue be brushed under the rug and President Obama be given a pass.  I'm not surprised at his response.  When I first started to research him with the last election, I thought I would actually like the man.  I was pretty open minded about him.  Then I found out he was associated with Bill Ayers, a domestic terrorist was when he lost my vote.  To this day I can't fathom how we voted in a man with close ties to a terrorist.  It is no wonder that President Obama denies terrorism and has taken it out of the government vocabulary, and no wonder that he sit there and did nothing to save our ambassador that was brutally abused and murdered.  

3.  The concerns over his eligibility to be President.  No I'm not talking about birth certificate, I get that Hawaii laws were a bit different and confusing because of the ocean factor.  Someone born on a boat could be a Hawaiian citizen.  What I'm talking about is exactly what keeps me ineligible for running for the office of President, being a natural born citizen.  My father is not American, he was not born in the US, that keeps me from office.  That same goes for President Obama, his father is not US citizen, it concerns me that we have given him this pass.  To top it off, he attends school in another country, his forms say he is a citizen of that country and a muslum.   Did he give up his US citizenship, did he apply for student loans as a foreign student?  This is a serious constitutional issue and gives me great concern.  That he would be a member of another religion doesn't bother me, but what does bother me is that religion considers it okay to "lie" to the infidel, and to hide your true self and beliefs to fool the enemy.  Am I a conspiracy theorist?  Maybe, but I do believe in secret combinations told in the Book of Mormon and this one sounds like one to me.

 4. The economy, we can't stay on this path much longer.  I'm not ready for the tough road ahead, I have too much debt not enough saved for this tough time, but I see it coming, and like a tidal wave it will hit fast and hard.  How can we not see that we can't spend all this money on social issues, there isn't enough in the government coffers, and we can't tax our way out of it.  High taxation is stifling.  Have you seen France with their 75% tax on a million dollars.  Seriously, who in their right mind will earn that much to only keep 1/4 of their income.  You might as well only earn that 250,000 and stop there.  Do you see what will happen?  Jobs will not be created, and more social programs needed, and no income to support it.  To make it worse with the birth rates below sustaining levels there are no children to pay for the care of the elderly, and the children that are there have no hope for a future with a job and security.  Taxation and socialism are the end of a country.  Oh not overnight, but it will happen, the government can't produce income they can only consume it.  I have a spouse that works for the government, I know how it works, I get it.  He is there because of the need, but I know exactly who pays his salary.  It may say the "state of _"  but it is truly the tax payers.  

 5. Social issues.  How can an election come down to "Lady Parts" and Gay Marriage over the economy and jobs?  Seriously, Lady parts?  Excuse me, I have a brain, and two hands I am much more than my sexual organs.  It offends me to the hilt that the left made this such an issue.  You can't pay for your own birth control?  You have to force insurance companies run by organizations to pay for it?  You expect the government to pay for it?  Don't get me wrong, I know why women use it and want to and yes like me need to.  But this is worthy of political debate and trumps JOBS, that if you had a job you could pay for your own?   

The defunding of PBS, excuse me, watching PBS I see tons of commercial sponsers.  PBS can function on its own.  They aren't a free media anymore, not like it was.  We can't afford it, let it be.  Let the muppets that can fund themselves, do so.  IT shouldn't need taxpayer dimes anymore.  This is more important that JOBS, or SECURITY?   

Gay marriage, I'm against it but like most others we can live with civil unions to give them the social protections they want.  I don't see God condoning Gay marriage.  I have kept my mouth shut on my blog in deference to my Gay friends, but it is how I feel.  God will not condone sin even with the word marriage behind it.  I can accept a civil union to give and grant the issues that seem important to them.  I have opinions on why Gay marriage is important, I have pondered why now when just 20 years ago the homosexual crowd still mocked marriage and those of us that see it as sacred.  I wonder why the change.  I have opinions and frankly they aren't that great and condemn us more as a county.  I won't write them here.  Keep pondering it yourself and maybe you will come to the same conclusion.  I will say it has more to do with the state of Heterosexual marriage and union or the lack there of than the homosexual issue itself.

Needless to say I am not happy about the election results.  It is not just this election but as I said every election since Ronald Reagan filled his two terms in office.  I have voted for the candidate that is closest to my beliefs, sometimes that has come down to the fact that I knew a man prays to God, or his general love for the country and the military.  I could not vote for a man that associates with people that hate this country, wishes harm for this country, and are part of a whole tide of general corruption.  I see it with every fiber of my being.  I have said that I can't stand to listen to our current president speak.  I mean it, everytime I hear his voice I get physically sick to my stomach to the point I want to vomit.  I can feel his evil nature to my very core that spirit of discernment lets me know it is so.  Drama maybe, but I never felt that way with President Clinton.  Oh, sure I didn't always like what he said, and didn't agree with him, but I never had an actual physical response to his voice, unless it was general agitation and frustration.  This one truly scares me.  I haven't listened to the radio, watch TV or news in nearly 4 years.  It will continue another 4.  That is how bad my reaction is.  I can read so thank goodness for the internet and the conservative voices like Michele Malkin and Seraphic Secret that helps stay up to date.  I read KSL.com and of course facebook, but I suspect I will be leaving that social media soon.  I do better without it.  I like it to some degree, but it doesn't do for me what I wanted so many years ago.

I'm afraid I'm seeing the end of America as we know it.  There is no way Obama care can be repealed.  We can hope for impeachment over Benghazi, but it will never pass the senate because of the democratic control and I don't see any democrats going against this president and the secret combination.Yes I'm pessimistic, that doesn't mean I don't hope for a great future, I just don't see it happening until those great prophecies start to come to pass and that is still years away from my view point.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Where have I gone?

I'm still around, but I have been blogging about my journey to better health and weight loss with my sister Noelie. Her son Jordan has joined us as well. If you would like to see what we are doing, our progress and cheer us on, you can follow us here.